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Work with Bespoke Health in Cumberland, Maine to provide pharmacogenomics testing services to your patients

Bring A Next-Level,  Personalized Touch to Your Practice

When you work with Bespoke Health, we can help you by working with your toughest subsets of patients that are not reaching treatment goals: the poly-pharmacy patients.

We meet with your patient to assess their personal goals in addition to established clinicals of treatment, document previous ineffective medications or those that caused side effects, provide pharmacogenomic testing, then establish a personalized plan with you and the patient.

This allows you to optimize your time diagnosing and treating conditions in the office, rather than spending your time on medication management.

Together we can get people to clinical goals, faster.

What's your biggest challenge in your practice?

If you're like most prescriber practices, the daily grind of electronic documentation and other administrative tasks makes it feel like you can only spend a fraction of the time you'd like to spend treating patients. 

Have you ever considered incorporating a pharmacist into your workplace OR referring some of your refill follow up visits to a pharmacist? 

Bespoke Health can work with your office to identify patients that are not reaching their treatment goals. Pharmacogenomics (PGx) may be a useful tool for many of these patients and the costs of pharmacogenomic testing has decreased considerably in recent years (with some patients paying as little as $0 depending on their financial situation). 

Besides PGx testing and consultation, Bespoke Health pharmacists also offer Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) services which can significantly improve patient clinical outcomes. 


Why should you consider offering pharmacogenomic testing services?

Our comprehensive medication management service utilizes pharmacogenomic testing as a precision medicine tool to identify genetic polymorphisms that can cause patients to metabolize drugs differently. It gives key insights into why a patient may not get good results with certain medications or why they may get toxic side effects. These tests are:

  • Inexpensive

  • Discrete

  • Fast

For more information on the use of pharmacogenomic testing, contact Bespoke Health today!







We know you are busy, so we will tailor communication to your preferred method and keep things as brief as you'd like. 

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