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You wouldn't wear a shoe that didn't fit your foot, so why take a drug that doesn't fit your genetic profile? 

Eileen Levesque
Founder Bespoke Health, LLC

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What is Pharmacogenomics (PGx) and
How Can Bespoke Health Help Me?

Pharmacogenomics is a branch of personalized precision medicine where a patient's medication and dosage are selected based on their individual genetic profile. Currently medications and dosages are selected for a patient based on factors such as age, weight, kidney/liver function, among other variables.  In the near future, your medical provider will likely order a PGx panel before even prescribing drug therapy. The information from the PGx panel will provide optimal safety and efficacy information that can greatly influence the success of many medication treatments. (Note: Not ALL medications have PGx recommendations. Bespoke Health will educate you about the likelihood of your medication(s) having actionable PGx recommendations based on genetic variants.)  

At Bespoke Health, we recognize that simply using PGx alone to make decisions could be very misleading. It is just on piece of a very complex puzzle! Other pieces we utilize to predict medication success (besides the traditional age, weight, kidney/liver function, etc) include patient goals, lifestyle factors (diet, exercise, alcohol/tobaco/recreational drug use) and adherence challenges to name a few. We know that patients who take an active role in setting goals of treatment feel more invested in the process of their providers and often have better outcomes.

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Still have more questions about PGx?

Questions about working with a pharmacist?

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) believes

pharmacogenomic testing can improve medication-related outcomes.

Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to lead interprofessional efforts to develop

processes for ordering pharmacogenomic tests and for reporting and interpreting test results.

Pharmacists are also singularly qualified to lead efforts to guide optimal drug selection.

-ASHP Statement on the Pharmacist's Role in Clinical Pharmacogenomics, American Journal of Health-Systems Pharmacy, September 2021

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