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Eileen R. Levesque, PharmD, CSP
Founder, BESPOKE Health

As a pharmacist for 20 years, Eileen Levesque has practiced in a variety of pharmacy settings including retail, hospital and specialty pharmacy.


Eileen holds a Pharm.D. degree from the University of Rhode Island, and certifications in both Pharmacogenomics (ASHP certified) and Specialty Pharmacy (SPCB certified). 

Eileen founded BESPOKE Health, LLC in 2021 and hopes to make pharmacogenomics more widely recognized and practiced in Maine by working with other healthcare providers, patients and employee benefits managers who hope to improve the health of their employees. 

Photo by Rachel Blanchard Photography

The British word "Bespoke" found popularity in the 18th century as an adjective used to describe something that is custom-made or tailored to fit a particular person. 

Bespoke Health was named with this description in mind. We believe health goals and medications can and SHOULD be personalized to the individual. Genetic variations make each person unique, and examining these variations can provide the insights needed for success. 

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